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The coolest way to track satellites!

Satellite Tracker 3D offers real-time, 3D tracking of over 24,000 satellites utilizing TLE data from space-track.org, directly within your browser. Designed with a focus on simplicity and performance, this app delivers a seamless tracking experience with high frame rates on a variety of devices, utilizing the spg4 orbit prediction model to accurately calculate satellite positions.

You can interact with the app by moving around, zooming, and selecting satellites using your mouse or touch. Upon selection, the app displays satellite geographic coordinates and speed, and draws the selected satellite's orbit around Earth. This creates visually stunning orbits relative to Earth and provides a unique perspective on space technology. You can also toggle between viewing the earth and your selected satellite. More comming soon!

The Discord channel is a great place to get updates, ask questions, share your observations, connect with others interested in satellite tracking, and give feedback or suggest features.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Thank you for checking out Satellite Tracker 3D!

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